“When I first joined your swimming school I never could have thought it possible that I would one day be able to swim. I thought I’d be thrown because my fear of water would just annoy the instructors. I was, however, met with the most competent and patient people who took me from the beginner that I was to being able to swim confidently today. Thank you Robbie and team. I could never thank you enough!”

“My three kids and I started our swimming lessons at Aqualand a year ago this coming August and I had a swimming phobia (diagnosed by myself). I remember I could not stand putting my face in the water. Looking back almost a year later I can float, breath underwater and still feel comfortable). I am so grateful to Aqualand management and staff, especially to Amy (whom my kids adore to bits); Lindsey (who was very patient with me) and many thanks to my current teacher, Jessica who has been pushing me to limits. Not forgetting my son Kgosietsile’s current teacher (Chez) and Laura who have being tremendously helpful. We recently were holidaying in Mauritius and am happy to share with you that I was always by the poolside swimming with confidence. I will forever be grateful to Aqualand. Robbie and staff, well done and keep up the good work. God bless, The Khunous”

“My daughter Leshaliah attended Aqualand S.A.Swimming School when she was 7 years old. She did not know how to swim at all and had a slight phobia for the water especially at the deep- end. Two years later, she has developed into a confident little swimmer who is able to swim with technique and no longer afraid to get into the pool. Thanks to the Aqualand School and the patient and friendly instructors that were at Leshaliah’s disposal.”

“Aqualand is a fantastic swimming school with kind, attentive swimming instructors. My daughter made great progress with her swimming and I would recommend Aqualand to any parent who wants their child to learn to swim in a safe, comfortable environment.”

“Aqualand swim school is a great swim school that caters for the needs of all ages. My 19 month old baby absolutely loved it, my 6 year old just as much and I completely enjoyed my lessons as well. The instructors were friendly, fun, patient and committed to our swimming skills development. Regrettably we are relocating and will not be able to continue with lessons.”

“The Aqualand swimming school can be described in one word …. Awesome! The teaching staff at Aqualand is outstanding (more specifically Laura) as Michaela was in her class for most of her 2 and ½ years she has been there. Laura has a special way with the children, and they love her too bits! The jokes, the playtime at the end of each session, and more so the effort she puts in, in every lesson to ensure that our children are more confident in the pool. Michaela has grown in leaps and bounds and I would like to say a special word of thanks to Aqualand, as without your patience, commitment and love for the children it would not have been possible! Thanks a million Robbie, Laura and team! We wish you everything of best for years to come with the swimming school.”

“Just want to say a big thank you to you and Laura for helping Jac gain confidence in swimming over the past few years. Laura has shown incredible patience as well as superb teaching skills with a little boy who seemed almost impossible to tame or to be teachable and concentrate sufficiently during his lessons, but she nailed it with him.”

“When Uluthando joined Aqualand Swimming School she couldn’t swim with confidence. She was shy to swim at the deep end of the pool. She has been with the school for 3 years and has learnt a lot. She’s a confident swimmer and has developed love for swimming. The teachers are warm and friendly, and have been supportive and helpful during her learning process. She has learnt to swim in many different strokes. The indoor heated pool has influenced her swimming potential tremendously. We are grateful.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lauren & all at Aqualand for the great improvement that Emily has shown in her swimming! I will definitely recommend Aqualand to all I know.”

“Zoe is much more confident than ever. She started off as being very afraid of the water and not wanting to put her head in to absolutely enjoying every minute of being in water and going under. She really learnt so much from the tutors over the past year and half. It’s really amazing to what she has accomplished. We are really great full for everything. Thank you.”

“Jordan started with Aqualand in November 2013. I noticed an improvement in her swimming after one lesson, previously she had been at a different swimming school with 4-5 children have a lesson at the same time with one teacher. The change to having one on one lessons at Aqualand made a huge difference and sped up her progress and her confidence. Teacher Lauren has been fantastic from the beginning and Jordan will be very sad to say goodbye to her at the end of this year. Thank you Robbie and team for an awesome experience, I will continue to refer you to anyone looking for a swim school for their child”

“I would like to thank you and your team for the job well done. In a short period of time my daughter is now a confident swimmer and might just be one of the best swimmers in future. A special thank you to her instructor for her patience and for continuously motivating her. She has given her a solid foundation. You have a wonderful team.”

“Laura has been brilliant with Quinn and has managed to get somewhere with him really quickly by making the lesson fun. He is swimming like a pro already after one season. It has been a pleasure having her work with him.”

“Aqualand is a fantastic swimming school, the one on one attention given during the lessons is particularly beneficial. My four year old has gained a tremendous amount of confidence in the water thanks to her lessons.”

“My daughter has been having lessons with Laura now for just under a year. Laura’s been an excellent instructor. My daughters basics are perfect, and she is doing really well. I would recommend Aqualand swimming school any day. thanks Rob and team!”

“I will recommend Aqualand for everyone especially for the 1-1 classes. Laura was so supportive & patient with my daughter, she was so afraid to put her head under the water but with Laura’s professionalism she started to trust her and now she is like a fish in the water. But the best of all is that my daughter had so much fun with Laura while she was learning to swim. Robbie you have an awesome team”

“I commend Aqualand on their professionalism, availability and responsiveness every time I contacted them. Above all, for turning my daughter into a water-loving and confident learner. Robbie is extremely understanding and kind, which flows even in his support staff and tremendously benefits our children. Everyone at Aqualand is deserving to be called a star!”

“My 18 month old daughter has been having ‘water orientation’ lessons with Jenna for the past few months. She loves them so much, I can’t stop her from putting her face in the water in the bath now too! I also look forward to the aqua aerobics lessons I’ll be starting soon.”

“My son has been going to swimming lessons with Laura since the beginning of the year. She has the patience of a saint and has been so wonderful with him. He is very fearful of water and can be a real handful. Laura has persisted with him and he has improved so much and is much more water confident. The other day he slipped underwater while playing around and straight away kicked himself up and grabbed the side. Laura is an absolute star! I would recommend the swim school to anyone – the facilities are good and the teachers great! Thanks Laura – I appreciate all your effort with my son very much.”

“My son has been going to swimming lessons with Laura and she is absolutely fantastic. She is patient and most of all connects with him. He loves swimming and cannot wait for his weekly lessons. The best thing I ever did was put him into Aqualand for one on one personal lessons. Thanks to both Laura and Robbie!!!”

“I’ve just had my 2nd swimming lesson with Laura. She’s great! Friendly and patient. She put me at ease in no time. I love the individual 1 on 1 classes that you have, the instructor can give you her full attention and it also helps one to relax and not have to worry about having too many other people around. I’m having a great time learning how to swim for the first time in my life(I’m 46 year old). I’m getting more confident with each lesson. Thank you Laura and Robbie!”

“My (nearly) 4 year old daughter started swimming lessons with Laurie just two weeks ago and is loving every minute of it! She is so excited to go to her lesson and learning to swim with Laurie is great fun for her. Sorry to hear you will be leaving Laurie – any chance you might reconsider?!”

“My son loves going to swim with Jenna. He hates water on his face and head but he trusts her to let him go “under” a little I am positive with Jenna’s help we will have an under water swimmer soon!! I wish we had heard of them sooner.”

“I am so pleased with the progress that my 2 kids have made under the instruction of Laura and Jenna! They are both doing extremely well and they love their lessons. Compliments to Robbie too on the efficient running of the school – regular friendly communication and quick responses to any queries.”

“My daughter was swimming like a champ within three months, we have sent our younger daughter to lessons with her sister as well, and she just loves the water. There is nothing like knowing your children can fend for themselves should they fall or be pushed into the pool. The Aqualand teachers are patient and caring. Thank you for a job well done.”

“My son Mateo started with Jenna beginning of April and screamed the whole lesson. By the next week he was already looking forward to the next swimming lesson … I also had a swimming party and all the kids had so much fun not only did they spend 4hours in the water they were not even interested in cutting the birthday cake… really a great idea especially that my daughter’s birthday is in winter and she never got a chance to ever have a swimming party before… not to mention the pleasure of not having the party at home and not having to clean up after the party!”

“Very happy with the lessons and attention my son Cameron is getting, he’s been swimming for years, but Aqualand is providing him with technique lessons to prepare him for school swimming galas!”

“I have 3 boys at Aqualand all at different levels of their swimming instruction. What I love about Aqualand is that each child’s lesson is individialised capitalising on each child’s strength and improving areas of development. My kidz are excited about swimming again and that is first prize for me.”

“My daughter started at Aqualand in January 2011. Although she loved playing in the water, she was terrified of having to attend her swimming lesson at school. Since her lessons with Jenna she has gained an enormous amount of confidence and is virtually swimming on her own. The turnaround was very quick. Jenna and Robbie are great! We are extremely happy with Aqualand S.A”

“My daughter started at Aqualand in January this year and LOVES her instructor Jenna, so patient and just divine with my daughter! S-G has already learnt so much in her 3 lessons! loving it and very happy mom :-)”

“My 2 year old has gone from being petrified of water to a fish in a matter of weeks, thanks to the individual attention and fun that Jenna creates in the pool!”

“Both my kids, aged 6 and 8 have had lessons at Aqualand for about under a year. Jenna-Leigh and Laura are excellent teachers and my kids have gained so much confidence through the lessons they received. My youngest went from being fearful of having his head under water to now being confident enough to jump in at the deep end of the pool. My daughter wants to practice her strokes all the time 🙂 I would recommend Aqualand to all.”

“Both my kids eagerly await their weekend swimming lessons at Aqualand in Randpark Ridge. The instructors have enthusiastically taken on my rather energetic son who is inclined to ignore them and my daughter is already claiming to be an Olympic swimmer thanks to coach Natalie. Robbie is super efficient and has always been available to address any queries, responding almost immediately. I have no doubt that they are in safe and capable hands regardless of which teacher they are with. My kids love Aqualand and so do I.”

“My 3 and 5 year old absolutely love their swimming lesson and wait all week for it. Natalie is absolutely wonderful with my older son who was quite fearful of putting his head under water before. He is now so comfortable in the water, and both kids don’t even realize they are learning to swim while having so much of fun during the lessons! Natalie has worked miracles and Robbie is just the kindest, nicest person. The Aqualand team really are miracle workers – I would highly recommend them to any parent or individual :-)”

“My son Jayden has been having swimming lesson with Laura for about a year now. Laura is an excellent instructor who makes swimming fun,and is so patient and supportive. Jayden finally trust’s her and enjoys each swimming lesson with her. I would recommend Aqualand swimming school to all. Thanks Robbie and Laura.”

“Thank you Aqualand for making me face my fears. I was petrified of water and you guys killed that phobia. Today I can go inside a pool all because of you. keep up the good work may our good God strengthen and bless you in tons.”

My experience with your swim school has been wonderful and both of my kids are safer and better swimmers for it.
Your teachers are extremely friendly and make it easy for any child to comfortable enough to learn from them. My son now participates in the school galas and is currently getting taught corrective strokes to make him swim faster. My daughter loves the water and has a new found confidence in her abilities.
My family have enjoyed the time at the swim school.
Thank you

Initially it took a lot of strength for me to actually inquire about the lessons. I am very happy I took that step, as an adult learning to swim it can be very daunting. Thanks to Jess’s patience, professionalism and kindness I was able to learn the proper techniques and am now ready to move to a ‘bigger’ pool. I would like to thank you and your team for your support and encouraging me. I will miss my lessons at Aqualand a lot.

I will like to take this opportunity to thank my instructor (Diana) for helping me overcome my fear of water. When I first started I just wanted to learn how to swim and I knew nothing about it, throughout my attendance I encountered a lot of challenges. I am glad though I didn’t quit and I had the best instructor who was patient, kind and helped me have fun along the way. My journey has come to an end, however I am now confident and have learnt a lot about myself.
Thank you Robbie and team for providing an excellent school and excellent service!!

A big thank you to everyone at Aqualand. My daughter (5 years old ) hated swimming and was terrified of water going in her face , she had a bad experience at a previous swimming school . With the help of the understanding and kind teachers at Aqualand my daughter now loves swimming and water going in her face is a non issue. The one on one lessons gives a personal touch , which little people need to build confidence .
Thanks Robbie

Thank you for the time spent at Aqualand. I found it to be a nurturing environment allowing the children to progress at their own pace without having undue pressure placed upon them.
All the teachers who taught Sierra were kind and caring. And there were a few teachers in her time spent at Aqualand.
Sierra has now progressed to swimming confidently, diving and knowing her strokes.
Thank you Aqualand !
Wishing you continued success with your swim school

would recommend Aqualand SA Swimming School to anyone who wants to learn to swim in a comfortable environmental. When I started swimming with Jessica I couldn’t even beat the thought of having water splashed on my face let alone go underwater for a few seconds. 7 months later this has all changed, my son and I have developed confidence in water and love swimming. My son especially loves the play time at the end. Thank you Robbie and team.
All the best for the future!!!

Both my kids started in the pool as toddlers who could not swim, but thanks to the patience their coaches displayed, working with each at their own steady pace; they both became very confident swimmers over time. They’ve really progressed very well at Aqualand.

My son joined Aqualand in September 2015 and was always happy/excited to go. The lessons are also one on one, and the teachers are always friendly and have a lot of patience, especially if the kids only wants to play with the toys in the swimming pool and not interested in the lesson…LOL
I would recommend Aqualand to anyone, the premises is also safe and secure and the parents can watch while they are busy with the lessons

I would like to thank you for awarding Rorisang the opportunity to swim at your school. He is now confident in water, and enjoys swimming with his classmates. Your instructors are very professional and patient. Rorisang really enjoyed himself and can’t stop talking about the experience.
Keep up the good work!

Olivia & Christian thoroughly enjoy Tuesdays for their swimming lessons.

We have been going to the Randpark Ridge branch for the past 2 years.

The instructors are excellent! Both my children can now swim on their own.

The one on one instruction makes a world of difference, for a full 30 minutes your child has the full attention of their instructor.

Thank-you to Robbie & his instructors for a wonderful service!

When my son starting swimming he barely knew what blowing bubbles were, he didn’t even know what a stroke is at the age of 4.
The instructors that taught my son and demonstrated patience and love for what they were doing. My son 5 now, is so confident in water, his dives are amazing.
I would recommend this swimming school to anyone anytime. 5 Star 🙂

This message is to say a big THANK YOU to Aqualand Swimming School for helping me overcome my fear of water.  As a very mature lady, I have never learnt to swim after an experience years ago, so my time in the pool was spent around the edges and always when there were others in the pool with me.  After nearly 9 months of lessons  I’m at the point now where I will get into the pool and be comfortable to splash around and I can float!!  I’m still not able to completely swim on my own but this is through no fault of any of the instructors as my work/travel schedule unfortunately made me miss quite a few lessons and hence I had to give notice.  But I will definitely put to practice what I’ve learnt and embrace this new-found confidence in the water 🙂  To Robbie, thank you for putting up with my constant cancellations and requests for make-up lessons!  I really did appreciate it so much, and hope I didn’t cause you too many grey hairs with the constant updates!!
Thank you Aqualand, I will definitely recommend you to others!

Thank you for the great experience we had with your swimming school.
Amazing instructors and both our kids reacted amazingly to them. I don’t think we will every really know how many times our children’s lives have been saved because of them, and what you guys are doing.

Both my kids aged 12 and 8 attended Aqualand Swimming School in Bromhof.  Robbie was very helpful and always accommodating.  The one-on-one swimming lessons absolutely works.  My son had a fear for water and today he and his sister swims confidently and are total water babies.  My son’s instructor is absolutely wonderful and patient.  I will confidently recommend Aqualand to any parent.

I would highly recommend Aqualand swimming school as the instructors are very committed and friendly. My son was initially scared of swimming but Aqualand has provided him with the confidence and security that he has excelled in his swimming classes in a short space of time.
He loves his lessons and the instructors; thus giving him the confidence to now be an expert in the water

Thank you for the superb swimming services offered.
I just want to compliment you on the calibre of swimming instructors you have.
I would highly recommend Aqualand swimming school as the instructors are very committed and friendly.
My son was initially scared of swimming but Aqualand has provided him with the confidence and security that he has excelled in his swimming classes in a short space of time.
They always made his lessons fun with the teaching.
He loves his lessons and the instructors; thus giving him the confidence to now be an expert in the water.

Our daughter has been attending swimming lessons with Aqualand SA Swimming School for over 4 years. She was that child who didn’t like her face in the water and wouldn’t lie on her back. Looking back now I realize how far she has come, her confidence in the water has grown each year and now she loves putting her whole face in the water and floating on her back. All the instructors we have interracted with have been very friendly and warm with our daughter, and all very experienced. Our daughter is a confident and capable swimmer, and we have Aqualand SA Swimming School to thank.

Thank you for the training you have provided to our kids over the years. We have seen a tremendous improvement in their swimming.
Keep up the great work.